Looking for a new place to live and moving can be a challenging experiences. Whether it is the worry about finding the house and location that is the right fit for your family or the challenge of working through the buying process, you need a realtor who understands the challenges and needs you will face. You need knowledge and confidence in making these decisions, and my experience as a realtor since 2006 and as a former teacher and principal in a small community can provide it to you.

Do you need a urban or rural property? Having lived on an acreage as well as in the City of Lethbridge, my experience in both rural and urban properties is a great asset to my clients.

Is finding the right community important to you? My engagement in the Southern Alberta since 1994 as a teacher, principal, and realtor gives me the experience needed to help you find the community that is right for you. 

Does moving sound like daunting task? I am well aware of the challenges faced with moving and relocating since we moved here from Ontario in 1994 and have moved several times since then.

If you need help in selling your property or buying a new home, your needs will be met with my expertise.

I am an agent with locally-owned Sun City Realty Ltd located in Lethbridge. You can reach me on my cell (403)332-3097 or through the office (403)329-8899. No Sunday calls, please.